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About ekit, the company

ekit is a wholly owned division of JT Group. JT Global has over 130 years of experience in the world-class delivery of telecommunications services to consumer and business enterprises in Europe.

ekit is a global provider of integrated communications, mobile, Internet services, designed to keep travelers in touch.

ekit provides a suite of travel communication services including mobile phones, SIM cards, voicemail, text messaging and data solutions. These services are accessible worldwide from more than 180 countries.

ekit is a Delaware Corporation with offices in Boston (servicing North America), London (servicing Europe) and Melbourne, Australia (servicing Asia Pacific).

Customers - Over 2.5 million travelers have used an ekit service to enhance their travel experience and keep in touch while on the road.

Partners - With over 400 travel partners distributing ekit across the globe, we successfully partnership with leading travel brands including Flight Centre, Student Flights, Rail Plus, InMotion, STA Travel, DER Tours, Trafalgar Tours, Contiki and Camp America.

Employees - ekit employs over 20 dedicated service professionals within our global sales, technical and management teams.